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July 16, 2024

OBX Sea Turtles

A Summer of Sea Turtles: Witnessing the Uptick in Sea Turtle Nests on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is not just a paradise for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts; it's also a critical habitat for various wildlife species, including the beloved sea turtles. This summer, we've witnessed a remarkable uptick in sea turtle nests along our beautiful shores, bringing joy to residents and visitors alike and highlighting the importance of conservation efforts.

The Significance of Sea Turtles in the Outer Banks

Sea turtles have been nesting on the Outer Banks for centuries, with species like the loggerhead, greens sea turtle, Kemp's ridley, and the occasional leatherback making their way to our beaches. These majestic creatures are essential to our marine ecosystem, contributing to the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs, which in turn support a diverse range of marine life.

Record-Breaking Nest Counts

This summer, local conservation groups and volunteers have reported a significant increase in sea turtle nests. From Corolla to Nags Head alone, 25 nests have been counted. Additionally, a remarkable sighting of a Kemp's Ridley turtle, the world's most endangered sea turtle species, nesting at Cape Hatteras National Seashore has been reported. This uptick is a positive indicator of the success of ongoing conservation efforts and the resilience of these incredible animals.

OBX Sea Turtle

Factors Contributing to the Increase

Several factors have contributed to this rise in sea turtle nests:

  1. Conservation Efforts: Organizations such as the Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (N.E.S.T.) have been tirelessly working to protect sea turtle habitats, monitor nesting activity, and educate the public about the importance of these creatures.  For more information about N.E.S.T. please visit their website at N.E.S.T.
  2. Community Involvement: Local residents and volunteers play a crucial role in protecting sea turtle nests. From marking and monitoring nests to ensuring beachgoers follow guidelines, the community's involvement has been instrumental in safeguarding these nests.
  3. Favorable Environmental Conditions: This year, the Outer Banks have experienced ideal conditions for sea turtle nesting, including favorable weather patterns and reduced human disturbances on the beaches.

The Remarkable Loggerhead Turtle

The loggerhead sea turtle, one of the most common nesters on the Outer Banks, is a fascinating species. These turtles cannot reproduce until they are about 30 years old, making each nesting season crucial for the species' survival. This summer, the increased number of loggerhead nests is a promising sign for their population.

Other OBX Sea Turtles

The leatherback, green, and Kemp's Ridley turtles are particularly notable among the sea turtles gracing our shores. Leatherbacks, the largest sea turtle species, are known for their impressive migrations and unique, leathery shells.  They can grow up to 6.5 feet in length. Green sea turtles, named for the green color of their body fat, primarily feed on seagrasses and algae, playing a critical role in maintaining the health of seagrass beds. Kemp's Ridley turtles, the world's most endangered sea turtle species, have a distinctive nesting behavior known as "arribada," where thousands of females nest simultaneously. This summer, a Kemp's Ridley was remarkably spotted nesting at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, underscoring the Outer Banks' importance as a habitat for these endangered creatures.

How You Can Help

As a community, we can continue to support the thriving sea turtle population on the Outer Banks by following these simple guidelines:

  • Respect Nesting Sites: Keep a safe distance from marked nests and avoid disturbing nesting turtles. Respect any barriers or signs indicating nesting areas.
  • Reduce Beachfront Lighting: Bright lights can disorient hatchlings and deter female turtles from nesting. Turn off unnecessary lights and use turtle-friendly lighting options.
  • Dispose of Trash Properly: Marine debris can be harmful to sea turtles. Always clean up after yourself and participate in local beach cleanups.
  • Spread Awareness: Educate others about the importance of sea turtles and how they can help protect these creatures.
  • See a Turtle: If you see a sea turtle call the NEST hotline at 252-441-8622 and keep your distance.
  • Fill in Holes: At the end of the day at the beach, fill in all holes as they can trap females that are nesting at night.

Witnessing a Miracle

Seeing a sea turtle nest hatch is a magical experience, and the increased number of nests this summer offers more opportunities to witness this natural wonder. If you're lucky enough to spot hatchlings making their way to the sea, remember to give them plenty of space and let nature take its course.

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July 6, 2024

Inner Banks

Discover the Inner Banks of North Carolina: A Hidden Gem Near the Outer Banks

Welcome to Creech Realty OBX! While many people are familiar with the Outer Banks' stunning beauty and popular attractions, fewer know about the equally enchanting region just inland: the Inner Banks of North Carolina. Nestled close to the Outer Banks, the Inner Banks offer a serene and picturesque escape with rich history, charming towns, and beautiful waterways. Let's dive into what makes the Inner Banks a hidden gem worth exploring.

A Tranquil Alternative to the Outer Banks

The Inner Banks, stretching over 3,000 miles of North Carolina's coastline, are a haven of tranquility. With pristine rivers, sounds, and estuaries, this region offers a serene escape from the more bustling Outer Banks. Whether you're seeking a weekend retreat or considering a more permanent move, the Inner Banks provide the perfect setting for relaxation and adventure.

Historical Charm and Scenic Beauty

The Inner Banks are a treasure trove of history, with many towns dating back to the colonial era. Wander the charming streets of Edenton, known as "The South's Prettiest Small Town," where historic homes and buildings whisper stories of the past. Visit Bath, North Carolina's oldest town, and meander through its picturesque streets lined with 18th-century architecture, which was the home of Blackbeard in the summer of 1718.

In addition to its historical allure, the Inner Banks boast stunning natural beauty. The region's waterways, including the Albemarle Sound and Pamlico River, are ideal for boating, fishing, and water sports. The lush landscapes and scenic vistas make for perfect hiking and bird-watching opportunities.

Vibrant Communities and Local Culture

The Inner Banks are home to vibrant communities that embrace a slower pace of life while offering modern amenities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Towns like Washington, New Bern, and Elizabeth City blend quaint charm and contemporary conveniences, making them attractive destinations for families, retirees, and young professionals alike. Local culture thrives in the Inner Banks, with a rich tapestry of arts, music, and cuisine. Enjoy fresh seafood at local eateries, explore art galleries showcasing regional talent, and immerse yourself in the area's lively festivals and events.

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June 30, 2024

Celebrate Independence Day on the Outer Banks: Fireworks, Parades, and Festivities for 2024

Celebrate Independence Day on the Outer Banks: Fireworks, Festivities, and the Duck Parade

As we approach the week of July 4th, the Outer Banks are gearing up for a series of spectacular events to celebrate Independence Day. From mesmerizing fireworks displays to festive parades and community gatherings, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a local resident or visiting for the holiday, here's a guide to the best celebrations happening on the Outer Banks this week.

Fireworks Displays

  1. Manteo Fireworks at Roanoke Island Festival Park

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: 9:30 PM

    • Location: Roanoke Island Festival Park

    • Details: Kick off your Independence Day celebrations with a stunning fireworks show over the water. Arrive early to enjoy live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities.

  2. Nags Head Fireworks Spectacular

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: 9:25 PM

    • Location: Nags Head Fishing Pier

    • Details: This annual event is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The fireworks can be viewed from various spots along the beach, providing a breathtaking backdrop against the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Avon Fireworks Display

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: 9:15 PM

    • Location: Avon Pier

    • Details: Head to Avon Pier for an unforgettable evening of fireworks. The show is known for its vibrant colors and impressive display, making it a must-see event.

  4. Kill Devil Hills Fireworks

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: 9:00 PM

    • Location: Avalon Pier

    • Details: Join the community in Kill Devil Hills for a festive night of fireworks. This display is perfect for families and friends to gather and celebrate together.

  5. Corolla Fireworks Display

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: Activities start at 5:00 PM

    • Location: Historic Corolla Park

    • Details: Enjoy live music and other family activities. Food and nonalcoholic beverages will be available for purchase from local vendors.

Other 4th of July Festivities

  • Independence Day 5K and Fun Run

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: 8:00 AM

    • Location: The Village at Nags Head

    • Details: Start your day with a healthy and fun activity. The race is open to all ages and skill levels, making it a great way to kick off the holiday.

The Duck Parade

  • Annual Duck 4th of July Parade

    • Date: July 4th

    • Time: 9:00 AM

    • Location: Parade begins at the crest of the hill on Scarborough Lane and continues down to Duck Town Park

    • Details: The Duck Parade is a beloved tradition that brings together locals and visitors for a patriotic celebration. The parade showcases creative floats, decorated bicycles, and plenty of red, white, and blue. After the parade, head to Duck Town Park for live music, refreshments, and a family-friendly celebration.

Tips for Enjoying the Festivities

  • Arrive Early: Popular events like fireworks displays and parades can get crowded, so arrive early to secure a good spot.

  • Stay Hydrated: July weather can be hot and humid, so bring plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Follow Local Guidelines: Be sure to follow any local guidelines or restrictions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


This week of July 4th, the Outer Banks promises a vibrant and memorable celebration for all ages. With a variety of events to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day. Enjoy the festivities, and have a happy 4th of July!

June 26, 2024

May 2024 Outer Banks Real Estate MLS Report

The latest MLS statistical report from the Outer Banks Association of Realtors (OBAR) brings good news for the real estate market, particularly focusing on the rise in inventory. Covering the period from May 1, 2024, to May 30, 2024, the report highlights significant improvements in residential, lot/land, and total inventory levels compared to previous periods.

Positive Inventory Trends

One of the most encouraging aspects of the report is the substantial increase in inventory across various property types:

Residential Inventory: Up 67% since May 2023 and 26% since January 2024.

Lot/Land Inventory: Up 15% since May 2023 and 20% since January 2024.

Total Inventory: Up 41% since May 2023 and 23% since January 2024

These increases are a positive indicator for buyers, offering more options and potentially more favorable conditions in the housing market.

Seasonal Decline in Residential Sales

While the inventory rises, residential sales are experiencing a typical seasonal decline. Here's a closer look at the current trends:

Single Family Detached Home Sales: Down 9% since May 2023 but only down 2% since January 2024.

Condo Sales: Up 8% since May 2023 but down 3% since January 2024.

Under Contract Properties: Down 19% compared to the same period in 2023.

These figures suggest a mixed market with some segments performing better than others. The decline in single-family home sales is consistent with seasonal patterns, while the increase in condo sales year-over-year is a promising sign.

What This Means for Buyers and Sellers

For buyers, the increase in inventory is a significant advantage. More properties on the market mean more choices and potentially better deals as sellers compete for buyers. This environment can be particularly beneficial for those looking to purchase a home in the Outer Banks, whether it's a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property.

Understanding the current market dynamics is crucial for sellers. While there might be more competition due to the higher inventory levels, well-maintained and appropriately priced properties will still attract buyers. The key is to work with a knowledgeable local realtor who can provide insights and strategies to make your property stand out.


The May 2024 MLS Statistical Report from the Outer Banks Association of Realtors indicates a healthy inventory rise, offering buyers a brighter outlook. Despite some seasonal declines in residential sales, the market presents opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

If you're considering buying or selling property in the Outer Banks, now is a great time to consult with a local realtor to navigate these trends effectively and make the most informed decisions.

MLS OBAR May 2024 Statistical Report

For more detailed information or personalized advice, contact our experienced team today. We are here to help you achieve your real estate goals in the Outer Banks.

June 23, 2024

Coastal Erosion Challenge in Rodanthe

The Coastal Erosion Challenge in Rodanthe

 A Home Falls into the Ocean: The Reality of Coastal Erosion in Rodanthe

At the end of May, a dramatic event unfolded in Rodanthe, North Carolina, as a home fell into the ocean. While alarming, this incident is part of an ongoing issue affecting a specific and localized area of Rodanthe on Hatteras Island. It's essential to understand the broader context of this event to avoid misconceptions about the stability and safety of the entire region.

Localized Problem, Not an Island-Wide Crisis

Coastal erosion has been an ongoing problem in this small pocket of Rodanthe. Over the years, several homes in this area have succumbed to the encroaching ocean. This erosion is primarily due to the natural dynamics of barrier islands, which are young and constantly shifting due to wind and wave action. However, it's important to note that this issue is highly localized and does not indicate a widespread risk for the entire island.

The Stability of Rodanthe and Hatteras Island

Despite the headlines, the vast majority of Hatteras Island remains stable and safe. The media often amplifies such events, leading to an exaggerated risk perception. While coastal erosion is a reality for certain pockets of the outer banks, most of the island's communities are not experiencing these extreme conditions. This natural process is part of the barrier island's lifecycle and not a sign that the whole island is at risk of falling into the sea.

The Importance of Local Expertise in Real Estate

When buying or selling a home on the Outer Banks, especially in areas like Rodanthe, it's crucial to work with a local realtor who understands the region's nuances. Local realtors have in-depth knowledge of the area's specific challenges and opportunities. They can provide valuable insights into property stability and the long-term trends affecting the coastal environment.

A Balanced Perspective

While the incident of the home falling into the ocean is a stark reminder of the power of nature, it should be viewed in the context of a localized issue rather than a widespread threat. Potential homeowners and investors should take a balanced view, recognizing the ongoing efforts to manage and mitigate coastal erosion while also appreciating the beauty and stability that the majority of the Outer Banks offers.


Working with a local expert is the best way to ensure informed decisions for those interested in the real estate opportunities in Rodanthe and the broader Outer Banks. The Outer Banks remains a vibrant and desirable location, with most areas offering stability and safety despite the isolated challenges of coastal erosion.

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June 13, 2024

Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head Beaches

Exploring Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head Beaches

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Two standout locations are Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, offering unique experiences, amenities, and regulations to ensure an excellent time for everyone, including our furry friends.




Kill Devil Hills Beaches

Notably, Martin Street Access is located in central Kill Devil Hills. This access point offers ample parking and the reassurance of a lifeguard on duty, making it a convenient and safe choice. It is located across the street from Bonzer Shack and Dare Devil Pizza. Pop over to Bozer Shake to get a yummy frozen Bushwacker. You will not be sorry. 

Another favorite is Ocean Bay Blvd Access, located across the street from Stop and Shop, which has all your beach essentials and an in-house sandwich shop. This site is the Kill Devil Hills lifeguard hub and features a bathhouse, providing added convenience for beachgoers. Its proximity and amenities make it a frequent choice.


Nags Head Beaches

The Bonnette Street Access stands out in Nags Head. It serves as the headquarters for Nags Head lifeguards and offers facilities for ease of access, including a ramp for individuals with mobility issues and a well-maintained bathhouse. With its excellent facilities, this access point is my top recommendation for anyone visiting Nags Head beaches.

Other noteworthy accesses in Nags Head include:

Albatross Street Access: This access has a unique vibe that adds to the beach experience. While it may not have extensive amenities, its ambiance makes it worth a visit.

Abalone Street Access: Similar to Albatross, this access offers a distinctive atmosphere that many beachgoers appreciate.

Loggerhead Street Access: Another great option in Nags Head, Loggerhead offers easy beach access and a relaxing environment, ideal for a peaceful day by the sea.


Beach Leash Laws

For those visiting with dogs, it's essential to be aware of the local leash laws to ensure a pleasant experience for all beachgoers:

Kill Devil Hills: Dogs must always be on a leash. While dogs are welcome any time of day in the off-season, they are prohibited on beaches between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day (unless being used to aid a disabled person).

Nags Head: Pets are welcome at any of Nags Head town parks and beaches all day as long as they are on an 8' leash.


Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

For a more secluded beach experience, a visit to Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is highly recommended. Located about a half-hour south of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, this refuge offers a tranquil escape from the more populated beaches.

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1938 to provide nesting, resting, and wintering habitat for migratory birds, including greater snow geese and other migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, raptors, and neotropical migrants. It also provides habitat and protection for endangered and threatened species, such as loggerhead sea turtles, and offers opportunities for public enjoyment of wildlife and wildland resources.

The refuge is located on the north end of Hatteras Island, part of the Outer Banks, and includes diverse environments such as beaches, dunes, brackish ponds, and marshes. Pea Island's bird list boasts over 370 species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.



Whether you're a local or a visitor, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head offer an array of beach accesses, each with charm and amenities. From the convenient and family-friendly accesses of Kill Devil Hills to the well-facilitated and scenic spots in Nags Head, there's a perfect beach for everyone. Remember to adhere to local leash laws to ensure a harmonious visit for all beachgoers. And if you're in the mood for a quieter, nature-focused outing, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is just a short drive away.

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June 6, 2024

Kill Devil Hills Between the Highway Spotlight

Discover Your Dream Home in Kill Devil Hills "Between the Highways"

Welcome to Kill Devil Hills, a charming coastal town that invites you to experience the quintessential Outer Banks lifestyle. Nestled between Highway 158 and Highway 12, this prime location offers easy access to the beach, making every day an opportunity for seaside adventures and relaxation.

Coastal Retreats and Modern Living

Our selection of Kill Devil Hills "Between the Highways" properties ranges from cozy cottages to spacious contemporary homes. Enjoy the soothing sound of ocean waves and stunning sunrises from your doorstep.

Outdoor Activities and Family-Friendly Community

Kill Devil Hills is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering surfing, paddleboarding, hiking, and golfing activities. The town also boasts exceptional schools and a welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for raising a family.

Rich History and Close-Knit Community

Explore the town's rich history at the Wright Brothers National Memorial, where aviation began. Engage with the close-knit community through local events, farmers' markets, and seasonal festivals.

Investment Potential

Kill Devil Hills offers a promising real estate investment opportunity with a consistently strong home demand. Let Creech Realty guide you to your perfect home in this sought-after coastal paradise.

Explore Kill Devil Hills with Creech Realty

Our website provides the best real estate search for homes, condos, and land in Kill Devil Hills "Between the Highways." Updated every 15 minutes from the official REALTOR® database, it features easy-to-use tools like saving searches and setting up daily email alerts. Use our Interactive Map Search to view properties and refine your search by area.


Link to Kill Devil Hills Between the Highway Listings!


Contact Creech Realty today to explore available listings and start your journey toward owning a piece of this coastal gem.


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June 3, 2024

Kill Devil Hills Guide Book

Food scene
The Kill Devil Grill
Incredible locally sourced seafood specials & classic fare. This place is amazing and the diner car is registered on the local historic registry. There will almost always be a line to get in!
226 locals recommend
Dune Street Rawbar & Grill
Seafood and local fare, a little on the pricey side but this place is up and coming.
Thai Room
My favorite place to eat. This quaint local spot has been found out, the service and ambiance are amazing not to mention the cuisine!
51 locals recommend
Mama Kwan's Tiki Bar & Grill
Splashy & festive eatery with Pacific Rim flavors & renowned mahi mahi tacos, plus tropical drinks located a few minutes from the apartment.
159 locals recommend
Woo Casa Kitchen
Only open for lunch. It is a family owned and run small spot with amazing bowls, tacos with different tastes from around the world. The best lunch spot on the beach!
34 locals recommend
Bad Bean Baja Grill
Chef Matt is always keeping it interesting. Creative tacos, fajitas & other Tex-Mex dishes pair with house margaritas in casual, vibrant digs.
128 locals recommend
Tortugas Lie
A favorite amongst locals and tourists alike seafood spot & bar that also serves Caribbean fare, burgers & sushi. A cool local vibe no doubt.
153 locals recommend
Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe
Low country southern style local seafood with water views. Do I need to say more?
99 locals recommend
The SaltBox Cafe
Chef Randolph is always sure to outdo himself with different specials, nestled in Colington Island, a secret on the Outer Banks.
90 locals recommend
Country Deli
This is the lunch spot that hits the spot. Wonderful handcrafted sandwiches that will fill up the hungriest of beach of goer or worker. Hands down the best sandwich on the beach!
53 locals recommend
Single Fin Bistro Bar & Grille
Oh so good. In the mood for sushi or Thai? This is the place to go. The miso soup and avocado salad will hit the spot!
52 locals recommend
The Spot
The best acai bowls on the beach!
67 locals recommend
Wright Brothers Memorial
Wright Brother Memorial, Just a hop jump and a skip away from the apartment. A must see while you here!
493 locals recommend
Nags Head Woods Preserve
One of my favorite places is in the neighborhood. It is the largest maritime forest on the East Coast. It is forested rogers, ponds, marshes and wetlands and has trails for all levels including a handicap accessible trail.
Jockey's Ridge State Park
The photo in the listing is of my dad hang gliding the ridge! It is the tallest living sand dune system on the Atlantic coast. You can hike, enjoy the sound access or learn to hang glide. It is must see!
395 locals recommend
Bodie Island Lighthouse
It is my favorite lighthouse as the light does not sweep but blinks. It is short 20 minute drive from Kill Devil Waves.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
My dad was invited to help in the move the lighthouse in 1999 where it was moved 2,900 ft. in 23 days to its current location.
217 locals recommend
North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island
It is on Roanoke Island is favorite amongst young & old and includes a sea turtle rehabilitation center that you can visit! Go ahead and visit Manteo while you are there!
291 locals recommend
Secret Spot Surf Shop
Secret Spot is the way to go for all your surf needs. Don't forget to grab an acai bowl from their sister store “The Spot" there is one in Nags Head and another in Kitty Hawk.
18 locals recommend
Outdoor Activities
First Flight Adventure Park
Amusement facility with aerial obstacles courses of varying difficulty levels, each with a zip line.
55 locals recommend
My Favorite Beaches
Bonnet Street Beach Access
This access is in Nags Head is 2.2 miles south of the apartment, is the headquarters for Nags Head lifeguards, is an easier access for folks with mobility issues as there is a ramp and it has a nice bathroom and bath house. This is my favorite access with a bathhouse.
7 locals recommend
E Martin Street Beach Acc, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, USA
This access is in Kill Devil Hills is a public access that is closest to the apartment at about half a mile. There is ample parking and a lifeguard.
Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
Pea Island is located about a half hour south and is another great place to visit the beach as it is going to be more secluded. From their website: “Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1938 to provide nesting, resting, and wintering habitat for migratory birds, including the greater snow geese and other migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, raptors, and neotropical migrants; to provide habitat and protection for endangered and threatened species, such as loggerhead sea turtles; and to provide opportunities for public enjoyment of wildlife and wildlands resources. The refuge is located on the north end of Hatteras Island, a coastal barrier island and part of a chain of islands known as the Outer Banks, and includes beach, dunes, brackish ponds, and marshes. The bird list for Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge boasts over 370 species.”
94 locals recommend
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May 31, 2024

Colington Harbour Neighborhood Spotlight

Colington Harbour is a charming neighborhood located in Kill Devil Hills, which is part of the beautiful Outer Banks region of North Carolina. It is a highly sought-after community known for its waterfront properties and recreational amenities. Here's a description of the neighborhood that might interest a potential home buyer:

Colington Harbour offers a unique blend of coastal living and a close-knit community atmosphere. Nestled along the picturesque waters of the Albemarle Sound, this neighborhood provides breathtaking views, tranquil surroundings, and easy access to a variety of outdoor activities.

One of the standout features of Colington Harbour is its waterfront properties. Many homes in the neighborhood have direct water access, allowing residents to enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, and other water-based recreational activities right from their own backyard. Imagine waking up to stunning sunrises over the water or spending leisurely afternoons on your private dock.

The community itself is well-established and offers a range of amenities for residents. The neighborhood boasts a marina with boat slips, providing convenient docking options for boat owners. There's also a clubhouse where residents can gather for social events, meetings or simply relax with friends and neighbors. The clubhouse often hosts community activities, fostering strong camaraderie among residents.

Colington Harbour also features an Olympic-sized salt water swimming pool, tennis courts, and a playground, providing opportunities for outdoor fun and fitness. The pool is perfect for cooling off on hot summer days, while the tennis courts offer a chance to enjoy friendly matches with neighbors. Families with children will appreciate the playground, which offers a safe and enjoyable space for kids to play.

In addition to the amenities, Colington Harbour benefits from its location in the Outer Banks. The area is known for its stunning beaches, offering endless opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing. Just a short drive away, you'll find the iconic Wright Brothers National Memorial, where you can learn about the birthplace of aviation and enjoy panoramic views of the coast.

For everyday needs, the neighborhood is conveniently located near shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options. Kill Devil Hills itself offers a vibrant beach town atmosphere, with a variety of dining establishments, boutique shops, and recreational opportunities.


In summary, Colington Harbour in Kill Devil Hills, NC, offers an idyllic waterfront lifestyle with a strong sense of community. Its desirable location in the Outer Banks provides access to a range of outdoor activities, stunning beaches, and nearby attractions. If you're seeking a place that combines natural beauty, water-based recreation, and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, Colington Harbour could be the perfect choice for your new home.

Colington Harbour Homes for Sale



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May 25, 2024

New Construction homes in the Outer Banks

If you're dreaming of owning a beautiful, brand-new home in the picturesque Outer Banks, you're in luck! The stunning new construction properties in Corolla offer luxurious living with the latest in home technology and modern amenities. Here’s a glimpse into some of the exquisite options available:



937 Soundside Court, Monteray Shores



This to-be-built home offers 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 2 half baths. Enjoy the convenience of an elevator, a private pool, and a rec room. The SMART home technology includes a front porch camera, app-controlled lighting, and water sensors on all floors. With no maintenance worries for years, this turnkey package also comes with a one-year builder's warranty. The community amenities feature pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, and more

See More Info & Photos Here! 

852 Drifting Sands Drive, Monteray Shores



Priced at $899,900, this new construction home is fully furnished and decorated, featuring 4 bedrooms and 5 baths (3 full baths, 2 half baths). It boasts quartz countertops, LVT flooring, and Trex decks. The community offers extensive amenities, including pools, a clubhouse, tennis courts, and a boat/kayak launch area. This home is perfect for those looking for a permanent residence, a second home, or an investment property​​.

See More Info & Photos Here! 

1277 Lost Lake Lane, Villages at Ocean Hill


With 5 bedrooms and 5 baths (4 full baths, 1 half bath), this to-be-built home is listed at $975,000. It includes a top-floor primary suite, an elevator, and a private pool. The backyard borders a wildlife reserve, adding to its serene appeal. The Villages at Ocean Hill provide ocean-to-sound amenities, such as oceanfront and lakefront pools, tennis courts, and multiple beach accesses. This property is ideal for anyone seeking a luxurious and maintenance-free lifestyle​​.

See More Info & Photos Here! 

Why Choose New Construction?

Opting for a new construction home in the Outer Banks ensures you enjoy the latest in home design and technology. These homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, reducing your long-term costs and environmental footprint. Plus, with a one-year builder's warranty, you can rest assured that any initial issues will be promptly addressed.


Experience the Outer Banks Lifestyle

Living in the Outer Banks means more than just owning a beautiful home. It’s about embracing a lifestyle filled with beach days, outdoor adventures, and a tight-knit community. Whether you’re looking to make a permanent move, seeking a vacation home, or investing in a rental property, the Outer Banks offers something for everyone.


Contact Creech Realty Today!

Alan: 252-455-1420

Lauren: 252-455-1421


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